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student in chem engineering lab

If you want to help determine the future of the fuels, foods, pharmaceuticals, polymers, electronic devices and other products that we use every day, consider a major in chemical engineering.

Chemical engineering students develop a command of chemistry, physics, and math—and, these days, even biology—and then apply that knowledge on both a large and micro scale to an extraordinary range of products and processes. Today’s chemical engineers are using their knowledge to protect the environment, accelerate the development of alternative energy sources, reverse the cycle of carbon dioxide buildup in our atmosphere, help our foods to more efficiently deliver nutrition, and develop nanoscale coatings that improve cell phones and computers. They are developing synergistic drug-delivery systems to achieve precise control of cancer drugs, creating new materials that help hospital patients’ bodies better adapt to prosthetics and implants, and improving products’ durability and environmental safety.

UIC’s chemical engineering program will introduce you to the fundamentals that all chemical engineers need to understand. You will learn about thermodynamics, separation processes such as distillation, transport phenomena, reactor design, and process control. You will get hands-on experience with chemical process equipment and apply your knowledge to design a large process plant in our capstone Senior Design course. We are the only chemical engineering department at a public university in the Chicago metro area, meaning that for an accessible tuition, you will have access to top-tier classroom education and the opportunity to interact with industry through research projects and internship programs.

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  • $108,540 median pay for chemical engineers in the United States (Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

  • 4% anticipated growth in chemical engineering jobs by 2029

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Chemical engineering at UIC helps me develop a variety of skills and problem-solving abilities, which have been useful not only in school but in real life as well. The department also provides a diverse environment, which allows us to share our passion to learning and to be equally curious about the world.

Huda Usman  |  Chemical Engineering BS ’20

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