Photo of Vrushant Patel
UIC chemical engineering student Vrushant Patel wins Henry McCormack Outstanding Senior Award
The University of Illinois at Chicago’s Chemical Engineering Department selected Vrushant Patel to receive the 2019 Henry McCormack Outstanding Senior Award. The award is given out each year by the Chicago chapter of The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). Patel is one of the top students in the department and has the highest GPA in his senior class. He has completed research in Professor Vivek Sharma's Soft Matter Optics, Dynamics, Elasticity, and Self-Assembly (ODES) Lab. Clinical Assistant Professor Alan Zdunek said Patel has worked on visualization and characterization of beads-on-a-string formation on coated fibers using high speed imaging and measured extensional rheology response of polymer solutions using dripping-onto-substrate (DoS). He is a current member of AIChE and has received…
ChE senior design team
Senior chemical engineering students work to turn leftover wood into new biofuel
When most people see a pile of sawdust, their instinct is to grab a broom to sweep up the mess, but a group of senior chemical engineering students is hoping to turn those brown leftovers green. The team, including Emily Buhle, Joseph Richard Kostenski, Corey Lawrence, and Mathew Wagener, is working to make a biodiesel fuel blend using woodchips and sawdust put through a process called gasification, which turns organic or fossil fuel-based materials into carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide. Their goal is to create a renewable fuel source that is profitable and avoids an ethical issue that is attached to currently used biofuels derived from food crops such as corn or soybeans. They have been running scenarios on…
Chem E car
UIC chemical engineering students take on Chem-E-Car challenge
A University of Illinois at Chicago team of chemical engineering students are using their education, technical skills, determination, and a little help from a kitchen utensil to build a chemically-powered car from scratch. The five dedicated students have been hard at work since last summer to create a car for the 2019 American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Chem-E-Car Competition. The annual event challenges students to create a car that can carry a weight up to 500 grams and travel a precise distance on a rectangular course within two minutes. The competition challenges students to control how far the car travels by calculating the exact amount of reactants needed for chemical reactions to power the car, as well as to…

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