Electrochemical reactor graphic
UIC professor looks to the future of electrochemical water treatment
Despite being necessary for life, water is often not valued as a precious resource until it is in short supply or contaminated. Increasing global population, climate change and crumbling water infrastructure have all threaten this life-sustaining resource and have prompted a University of Illinois at Chicago researcher to look at a new, more flexible water treatment model that can adapt to this uncertain environment. UIC Chemical Engineering Department Associate Professor Brian Chaplin recently published a review article in Accounts of Chemical Research. In his review, Chaplin looked at the advantages electrochemical methods offer over existing water treatment technologies and specific challenges the novel technique faces for broad adoption. The work was published as a part of a special issue entitled…
Graphene graphic
UIC chemical engineering researchers work on graphene-semiconductor’s ‘surface junction’ leads to emerging photovoltaics field
University of Illinois at Chicago researchers are hopeful their groundbreaking research with the thinnest possible material on the planet will have an immense impact on solar energy harvesting and help jumpstart a two-dimensional (2D) nanomaterial revolution in the field of photovoltaics. Sanjay Behura, research assistant professor with UIC’s Department of Chemical Engineering, Vikas Berry, head of the chemical engineering department, and colleagues published an article in Nature Photonics that reviewed their work on the surface junction in solar cells made with a 2D layer of graphene placed on top of a bulk three-dimensional (3D) semiconductor. Berry said the paper discusses how ultrathin, 2D nanomaterials are helping to revolutionize photovoltaic systems that use light to create energy. In traditional systems, the…

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