In the Chemical Engineering curriculum, students learn to apply chemistry, physics, and mathematics to the industrial-scale production of chemicals, including petroleum products, polymers, pharmaceuticals,electronic devices, and foods. This program also explores chemical engineering applications in environmental protection,waste treatment, the creation of alternative energy sources, and other frontiers, such as microelectronic materials and nanotechnology.

The BS in Chemical Engineering program offers expertise in a wide variety of areas, including thermodynamics, separation processes, transport phenomena, reactor design, combustion, and process control. Students may use elective courses to specialize in these and other areas. The program's goal is to prepare students for careers in industry or government, and for further study at the graduate level. As the only chemical engineering department at a public university in the Chicago metropolitan area, this program provides unique opportunities for students to interact with world-class industries through research projects and internship programs.

All College of Engineering undergraduate students are required to be advised before they are able to register for classes each semester. Advising hold will not be removed until you are advised. Sign-up is required for Advising and takes place during the 9th week of the semester. Advising for Chemical Engineering Students is during the 10th week of instruction.


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Undergraduate Catalog - Chemical Engineering program requirements and course offerings

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