Undergraduate Student Profiles

Daniela Estarita


Chemical Engineering, BS ’21 | Northwest suburbs

Favorite course: CHE 312 Transport Phenomena II.

Favorite thing about your department: The new Engineering Innovation Building and Professor Sharma‘s research!

Most challenging engineering project/assignment you’ve conquered so far: Going from ordinary to partial differential equations and using dimensionless analysis.

Which was the most valuable internship or lab experience you’ve had, and how did it help you? The Optics, Dynamics, Elasticity and Self-Assembly Lab taught me the importance of teamwork and guidance.

Ian Lim


Chemical Engineering BS ’20 | Singapore and California

Favorite course: CHEM 232 Organic Chemistry I.

What do you hope to be doing right after graduation? I hope to be teaching chemistry or math in a high school.

Internships you’ve held: I was a research assistant for the process intensification group in the school of chemical and advanced materials at Newcastle University.

Place you’re most likely to be found on campus: Commuter Student Resource Center. It’s a nice gathering place for people to meet and chill, and rest.

Favorite place in Chicago: Fulton Market.

Allison Nordvall


Chemical Engineering, BS ’20 | Wonder Lake, IL

Name one thing you think UIC does better than anywhere else: Connecting students to outside companies and resources.

Favorite thing about the department you’re majoring in: I love that the ChemE groups are small so we all get to know each other and struggle together.

Coolest department at UIC outside of your major: Department of Music.

Favorite course: CHEM 222 Analytical Chemistry.

Favorite place in Chicago: Scafuri Bakery.

Geraldine Guerrero


Chemical Engineering, BS ’22 | Chicago, IL

Engineering project/assignment you did that you’re most proud of: Making mini solar panels.

Coolest department at UIC outside of your major: Gender and Women Studies.

Would you recommend the College of Engineering to new applicants? Yes. I believe they would be making one of the best choices for their career and for their own personal experience.

Favorite place in Chicago: The 606.