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Welcome to the Chem-E-Club! Heading link

  • What is the Chem-E-Club?

    This program allows chemical engineering students to keep up with learning, social, and community activities.
  • How do I participate?

    Meetings are noted in the embedded calendar on this page. Use the meeting link in each calendar entry to join!

Meeting Format Heading link

Betul Bilgin, PhD, teaching undergraduate ChE students

Each Chem-E-Club meeting follows this format:

  • Each meeting focuses on a specific topic. Chem-E-Club members make a presentation on that topic and share their knowledge with other members.
  • After the presentation, all club members discuss what they just heard.
  • An expert on the topic presents to the group, and students have the chance to ask the expert questions.
  • Club members, faculty advisors, and sometimes the guest expert have a short discussion on career-development topics.
  • Graduate students give a tour of one of the ChE research labs and present the research they are working on, leaving time for discussion and questions.

Chem-E-Club Calendar Heading link