ATTENTION: Current & Future Pre-Med Majors! Have you considered a Chemical Engineering major as your route to medical school? BENEFITS: 1. Medical schools are increasingly looking for students with non-traditional degrees. A degree in chemical engineering will make you stand out among the competition and improve your chances of being admitted to medical school. Also, if you are interested in research, a chemical engineering background is highly valued in the medical community. At UIC you can minor in biochemical engineering as well. 2. It will help you professionally. Chemical engineering represents a versatile mind-set for analyzing and developing complex systems – from pharmaceutical plants to nano-materials. The human body is an engineering marvel, and you will be better able to understand it with your chemical engineering education. You will learn how the functions performed by human organs have close analogs in process equipment, and you will develop understanding of artificial organs. 3. Your well-rounded, high-powered expertise as a chemical engineer will be in demand. A chemical engineering degree leaves your options open, like an insurance policy in case you decide to change your career path. For decades chemical engineering graduates have maintained their position among the highest paid. Average starting salaries for bachelor’s degree chemical engineers are approximately $53,000. 4. The Chemical Engineering department at UIC offers World-class education in a leading-edge research environment, with plenty of individualized, personal attention and guidance. For further information, please contact us.We can help you apply to transfer to UIC Chemical Engineering . MORE INFORMATION:

Courses Required for Pre-Medicine

Chemical Engineering students who desire complete pre-medicine requirements are advised to meet with a pre-health advisor by completing the Non LAS Pre-Health Student Request form.

Also see: Pre-Health Advising

Karen Milla Coordinator of UG Program kmilla@uic.edu

Alan D. Zdunek, Ph D. Chair, Undergraduate Committee zdunek@uic.edu

Vikas Berry, PhD Department Head vikasb@uic.edu