Cari Dutcher

Benjamin Mayhugh Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, University of Minnesota




CEB 218, 810 S. Clinton Street


The structure and assembly of particles suspended in a liquid or gaseous phase are known to play essential roles in environmental fields ranging from hydrology to atmospheric science.   In this talk, recent advancements in our understanding of colloidal particle structure, formation, and aggregation in areas of environmental remediation will be highlighted.  Particles will range from atmospheric aerosols, to polymer-particle flocculates, and charged spherical beads.  First, a novel method for predicting the internal structure of atmospheric aerosol particles will be introduced using biphasic microfluidic flows for generating, trapping, and perturbing two-phase systems. Second, new studies of flocculation of suspended particles using water-soluble ionic polymers in micro- and macro-scale flows will be presented for water treatment applications. Third, electrohydrodynamic flows used to form closed-packed patterns of colloidal particles near electrodes will be discussed, including observations of surprising low frequency order-to-disorder transitions.  The talk will end with implications for the use of electrohydrodynamic flow for studies of polyelectrolyte-particle assemblies.

Reception will start at 10:45 AM


Host: Vivek Sharma

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