CEB 218, 810 S. Clinton Street


Jan 19

Speaker: Aaron Packman, Northwestern

Host: Brian Chaplin

Jan 26

Speaker: Gang Sun, UC-Davis,

Host: Sangil Kim

Details: TBA

Feb 2

Details: TBA

Feb 9

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Feb 17

Topic: Ionic Liquid/Block Polymer Nanocomposites: Remarkably Versatile, Functional Materials

Speaker: Tim Lodge, Minnesota

Host: Vivek Sharma

Feb 23

Topic: Designing Heterogeneous Catalysts - How Successful Are We?

Speaker: Harold Kung, Northwestern

Host: Yijin Kang

March 2

Topic: Using Dynamic Chemistry to Access Stimuli-Responsive Materials

Speaker: Stuart Rowan, U Chicago

Host: Vivek Sharma

March 16

Topic: Nanoparticle Drug Delivery Systems: The Promise, Challenges, and Opportunities.

Speaker: Yoon Yeo, Purdue

Host: Ying Liu

March 30

Topic: Citrate Biomaterial Platform and its Medical Applications.

Speaker: Jian Yang, Penn State

Host: Gang Cheng

Details: TBA

April 6

Topic: Understanding Transport Phenomena in Scalable Additive Manufacturing

Speaker: Ying Sun, Drexel University

Host: Ying Liu

April 13

Topic: Impact and Intrusion

Speaker: Sid Nagel, UChicago

Host: Vivek Sharma

April 20

Topic: Microchemical Systems for Electrochemical CO2 Reduction and Protein/Pharmaceutical Crystallization

Speaker: Paul Kenis, UIUC

Host: Meenesh Singh

April 27

Speaker: Lakis Mountziaris, NSF Program Manager (UMASS Chem Eng)

Host: Vivek Sharma

Details: TBA

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