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Engineers can play a vital role in the efficient process development of various bio-pharmaceutical processes. Generation of process understanding and reliable scale-up are the key routine activities and pose ample of opportunities for chemical engineers.  Due to intrinsic cost considerations around the drug substance and drug product development of most of the times ‘first in the world’ molecules, any attempts to reduce expensive and time consuming experimentation is highly desirable. To this end modeling can play an important role in conjunction with the chemical engineering principles and conventional wisdom.

The presentation will introduce biopharmaceutical industry followed by a focused discussion on some of the key workhorses of bio-pharma processes, namely chemical reactors, filter-dryers, bioreactors; hot melt extruders, spray dryers and lyophilizers along with combination products. An attempt will be made to discuss business opportunities along with the challenges and opportunities for mathematical modeling in the aforementioned key process equipment.



Nandkishor Nere completed his Ph.D. with Professor J. B. Joshi at the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai in the area of ‘Transport Phenomena in Multiphase Reactors’ with an emphasis on the CFD modeling of turbulence and mixing in stirred tanks. He joined Abbott Laboratories in 2008 after working with Professor Ramkrishna at Purdue University on post-doctoral assignments related to the application of population balance modeling, CFD and applied mathematics for liquid-liquid dispersions, crystallization and milling. He rejoined AbbVie in 2013 after a brief stint as a General Manager in Aditya Birla Science and Technology Company in India where he led a group on Advanced Engineering and Process Scale-up.

He founded a cross-functional modeling forum comprising of 45+ scientist and engineers at AbbVie and is leading a Center of Excellence for Particle Design and PAT. Amongst various awards, he also received AbbVie R&D President’s award for innovative contributions to the process development of a leading late stage API. He is author/co-author of 21 research publications and a book chapter on ‘Mathematics in Chemical Engineering’ in Albright’s Chemical Engineering, edited by Albright, L. CRC Press, 2008. He has delivered 23 conference presentations and seminars He was a guest editor of the special issue on Advances in Computational Fluid Dynamics in International Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2012.


Host: Meenesh Singh

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