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Sanjay K. Behura

Research Assistant Professor

Department of Chemical Engineering


Building & Room:

142 EIB


929 W. Taylor St, MC 110, Chicago, IL 60607

Office Phone:

(312) 355-2914

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Research Interests

Molecular and Perovskite Optoelectronics

Mixed-Dimensional Heterojunction Photovoltaics

Low-Dimensional Quantum Materials and Heterostructures

Selected Publications

  1. H. A. Maddah, V. Berry, and S. K. Behura*, “Biomolecular photosensitizers for dye-sensitized solar cells: Recent developments and critical insights,” Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Accepted (2020).
  2. H. A. Maddah, V. Berry, and S. K. Behura*, “Cuboctahedral stability in titanium halide perovskites via machine learning,” Computational Materials Science, 173, 109415 (2020).
  3. S. K. Behura*, C. Wang, Y. Wen, and V. Berry*, “Graphene/Semiconductor Heterojunction Sheds Light on Emerging Photovoltaics,” Nature Photonics, 13, 312–318 (2019).
  4. S. K. Behura, P. Nguyen, R. Debbarma, S. Che, M. R. Seacrist, and V. Berry, “Chemical Interaction-Guided, Metal-Free Growth of Large-Area Hexagonal Boron Nitride on Silicon-Based Substrates” ACS Nano, 11, 4985-4994 (2017).​
  5. S. K. Behura, P. Nguyen, S. Che, R. Debbarma, and V. Berry, “Large-Area, Transfer-Free, Oxide-Assisted Synthesis of Hexagonal Boron Nitride Films and Their Heterostructures with MoS2 and WS2,” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 137, 13060-13065 (2015).
  6. S. K. Behura and V. Berry, “Interfacial Nondegenerate Doping of MoS2 and other Two-Dimensional Semiconductors,” ACS Nano, 9, 2227-2230 (2015).
  7. S. K. Behura*, S. Nayak, I. Mukhopadhyay, and O. Jani, “Junction Characteristics of Chemically-Derived Graphene/p-Si Heterojunction Solar Cell,” Carbon, 67, 766-774 (2014).

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Post-Doctoral Research Associate (2016) - University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Ph.D. (2014) - PDPU India with Graduate Research Program at University of Saskatchewan, Canada
M.Sc. in Physics (2008) - National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, India
B.Sc. in Physics with Honors and Distinction (2006) - Utkal University, India