Photo of Wedgewood, Lewis E.

Lewis E. Wedgewood, PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Chemical Engineering


Building & Room:

250 EIB


929 W. Taylor St, MC 110, Chicago, IL 60607

Office Phone:

(312) 996-5228



Fall 2020 Courses:

  • CHE 210 Material & En Balances
  • CHE 520 Transport Phenomena

Research Interests

Computational Fluid Mechanics

Macromolecular Fluid Flow

Transport Phenomena

Stochastic Simulations

Selected Publications

  1. Asymptotic analysis of the L closure for one-dimensional dumbbell models of transient stress in a suddenly started elongational flow,” Nitsche, L.C., W. Zhang, and L.E. Wedgewood (Accepted in JNNFM 2005)
  2. “Stagnation Flow Studies of Polymer Solutions in a 2D System,” K.S. Joshi and L.E. Wedgewood, Appl. Rheol.13:4 (2003) 174-182
  3. “Effects of Viscosity Variations in Steady and Oscillatory Couette Flow,” D.I. Bou-Relan, K.S. Joshi and L.E. Wedgewood, Chem. Eng. Comm., 190: 489-507 (2003)

Notable Honors

2010, Award for Excellence in Teaching, UIC

2004, Teaching Award, Harold A. Simon


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin (Madison), 1988)