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UIC – Department of Chemical Engineering, 810 S. Clinton, Chicago, IL 60607

Office: 215 CEB

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NSF-NATO Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Cambridge, UK Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP) 1989-1990

Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology Chemical Engineering 1989

B.S. (With High Distinction) University of Minnesota Chemical Engineering 1984

B.S. (With High Distinction) University of Minnesota Mathematics 1984

My research program emphasizes theoretical analysis of concrete micro-mechanical models in order to elucidate subcontinuum dynamics and to extract macroscopic transport behavior from the underlying microphysics.

UIC Award for Excellence in Teaching 2014

UIC College of Engineering Harold A. Simon Award for Excellence in Teaching 2012

UIC College of Engineering Faculty Teaching Award 2008

UIC CETL Teaching Recognition Program Award 2007

UIC College of Engineering Faculty Teaching Award 2006

USIA Fulbright Senior Scholar Program, Award #9498 (Austria, Research) 1999

NSF Young Investigator Award 1994

NSF-NATO Postdoctoral Fellowship 1989

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