Contact Information:

UIC – Department of Chemical Engineering, 810 S. Clinton, Chicago, IL 60607

Office: 207 CEB

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin (Madison), 1988)

Computational Fluid Mechanics

Macromolecular Fluid Flow

Transport Phenomena

Stochastic Simulations

UIC Award for Excellence in Teaching (2010)

Harold A. Simon Teaching Award (2004)

COE Faculty Teaching Award (2009, 2007)

Teaching Recognition Program Award (2000, 2007, 2008)

COE Advising Award (2007, 2008)

Selected Recent Publications:

  1. Asymptotic analysis of the L closure for one-dimensional dumbbell models of transient stress in a suddenly started elongational flow,” Nitsche, L.C., W. Zhang, and L.E. Wedgewood (Accepted in JNNFM 2005)
  2. “Stagnation Flow Studies of Polymer Solutions in a 2D System,” K.S. Joshi and L.E. Wedgewood, Appl. Rheol.13:4 (2003) 174-182
  3. “Effects of Viscosity Variations in Steady and Oscillatory Couette Flow,” D.I. Bou-Relan, K.S. Joshi and L.E. Wedgewood, Chem. Eng. Comm., 190: 489-507 (2003)
  4. “Properties and Rheology of Coal-Water Mixtures Using Different Coals,” R. M. Turian, J. F. Attal, D. –J. Sung and L. E. Wedgewood, FUEL 81 (16): 2019-2033 NOV 2002
  5. “A network model with free-strand dynamics for polymer melts,” Maria Seimenis and L. E. Wedgewood, Rheol Acta (2002) 41: 93-102
  6. “An Objective Rotation Tensor Applied to Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics,” L.E. Wedgewood, Rheol Acta, 38 (1999) 91-99.
  7. “Laser Doppler Measurements of Flow in a Cone-and-Plate Rheometer,” Douglas Dudgeon and L.E. Wedgewood, Rheol Acta, 36 (1997) 28-37.
  8. “A finitely extensible network strand model with non-linear backbone forces and entanglement kinetics,” K.R. Geurts and L.E. Wedgewood, J. Chem. Phys., 106 (1997) 339-346.
  9. “Stochastic Simulation of Transport Phenomena,” L.E. Wedgewood and K.R. Geurts, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 34 (1995) 3437-3444.
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  11. “A domain perturbation study of steady flow in a cone-and-plate rheometer of non-ideal geometry,” D.J. Dudgeon and L.E. Wedgewood, Rheol. Acta, 33 (1994) 369-384.
  12. “Flow in the Misaligned Cone-and-Plate Rheometer,” D.J. Dudgeon and L.E. Wedgewood, J. Non-Newtonian Fluid Mech., 48 (1993) 21-48.
  13. “Internal Viscosity in Polymer Kinetic Theory,” Lewis E. Wedgewood, Rheol. Acta, 32 (1993) 405-417.

Other Publications:

  1. “Viscosity,” L. E. Wedgewood, McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology, on-line edition (2005)