Contact Information:

UIC – Department of Chemical Engineering, 810 S. Clinton, Chicago, IL 60607

Office: 219 CEB

Lab Website: Soft Matter ODES Laboratory

Post-doctoral Research, Mechanical Eng., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA. 2008-2012

Ph. D., Polymer Science & Eng. with Minor in Physics, Materials Science and Eng., Georgia Tech. 2003-2008

M. S. in Chemical Engineering with Minor in Nonlinear Dynamics & Chaos, Georgia Tech. Atlanta, GA. 2004-2006

M.S. in Polymer Science, University of Akron, Akron, OH. 2001-2003

B.Tech. in Textile Technology, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India. 1997-2001

Interfacial & Nonlinear Flows

Fizzics (Bubbles, drops, emulsions & foams)

Shear & Extensional Rheology

Structural Color

Biophysics; Polymer Physics

Soft Matter ODES (Optics, Dynamics, Elasticity & Self-Assembly)

CHE 312 Transport phenomena II (Juniors, Spring 2013, 2014, 2015)

CHE 301 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (Juniors, Fall 2014)

CHE 494 Fizzics and Interfacial Phenomena (Fall 2013)

CHE 410 Advanced Transport Phenomena (UG/G Fall 2015)

Distinguished Young Rheologist Award, TA Instruments (2015)

Selected/ invited to attend “APS Opportunities in Energy Research Workshop”, Portland, OR. 2010

Chair’s travel award, “Gordon Research Conference – Polymer Physics”. 2006

Travel grant, for ACS 6th National Graduate Research Polymer Conference, UMASS, Amherst. 2005

Fellowship for ACS PRF Summer School on Nanoparticle Materials, Ypsilanti, MI, June 2004

Chair’s travel award, “Gordon Research Conference – Polymer Physics”. 2004

National Talent Scholarship (NTSE): Awarded by National Council for Educational Research and Training, (NCERT), India to the top 750 students selected by a series of nationwide examinations. 1995-2001

Himachal Pradesh State Scholarship for Undergraduate Study in Engineering awarded for securing 3rd rank in the H. P. Engineering Entrance Examination. 1997-2001

National Science Talent Scholarship, awarded by Universal Trust. 1996 & 1997

Refereed journal publications

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Book Chapters 

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