Sep 16 2014

Stergios Logothetidis, Aristotle University of Thessalonki

September 16, 2014


218 CEB


810 S. Clinton Street, Chicago, IL 60612

Advanced Nanomaterials and Processes for the Low-Cost Fabrication of Flexible Organic and Printed Electronics

Flexible Organic and Printed Electronics (OEs) is one of the most rapidly evolving sectors in the modern science & industry and it is expected to revolutionize conventional electronics, energy and photonics. During the last decade, OEs have attracted an enormous interest due to their potentiality for fabrication by low-cost production processes, such as roll-to-roll (r2r) printing. In this presentation, we provide an overview on the latest breakthroughs on nanomaterials & processes for the low-cost fabrication of flexible organic and printed electronic devices, such as OPVs and OTFTs, by r2r gravure printing and electrospray deposition, respectively. Also, we present an innovative methodology that includes the implementation of ultra-fast Spectroscopic Ellipsometry system working in the visible-far ultraviolet spectral region on a r2r printing system for the in-line and real-time monitoring and analysis of the optical properties, and nano-scale morphology of gravure printed nanomaterials for OPVs. These nanomaterials include barrier layers, transparent electrodes and bulk heterojunction photoactive layers that are deposited onto flexible polymer substrates in the form of web rolls. This new methodology will open the way for the in-line robust determination of the thickness, the optical and structural properties and the quality of the thin films and nanolayers for many organic and printed electronics applications.



UIC Chemical Engineering

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Jun 17, 2019

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Jun 17, 2019