Apr 20 2010

Sergey Vasenkov, University of Florida

April 20, 2010

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


CEB 218


810 South Clinton Street, Chicago, IL 60612

Relationship between Structural and Transport Properties in Organized Soft Matter Systems by NMR

Room temperature ionic liquids show great promise as a new media for organic synthesis, catalytic reactions, separation processes, and extraction. Formation of polar and unpolar domains is believed to be responsible for many unique properties of these “green” solvents. Aggregation of ions and/or molecules into various types of domains also determines many properties of other types of soft matter systems that include aqueous solution of ionic surfactants and multicomponent lipid bilayers. In particular, translational diffusion can be drastically altered by the formation of domains and aggregates. Fundamental knowledge of an influence of molecular/ion aggregation on transport properties can be obtained by using a novel pulsed field gradient (PFG) NMR option that combines advantages of high field (17.6 T) NMR and high magnetic field gradients (up to 30 T/m). Results of studies of several types of soft matter systems by this new NMR experimental option will be presented and discussed in detail.


UIC Chemical Engineering

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Jun 17, 2019

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Jun 17, 2019