artificial leaf

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UIC Today: “Moving artificial leaves out of the lab and into the air”


Digital Trends: Photosynthesizing artificial leaf may be the air-cleaning tool we’ve dreamed of

Tech2: New design for artificial leaf absorbs 10 times more CO2 than natural leaves

UPI: CO2-capturing artificial leaves ready to leave the lab

Futurism: New artificial leaf design could absorb far more CO2 A New Artificial Leaf Structure Could Deliver a Needed Carbon Capture Solution

Anthropocene: New Artificial Leaf Ready to See Light of Day

New Atlas: Real-world-ready artificial leaf can pluck carbon dioxide out of thin air

Money Inc.: This Artificial Leaf Could Absorb CO2 and Turn it into Fuel

Press Trust of India: Novel artificial leaves convert carbon dioxide into fuel

The Times of India: Artificial Leaves That Can Absorb CO2 Faster Than Real Ones

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Digital Trends:

Logical Indian:

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